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Waterloo Club/25 years service Lunch 1988

This is the order in which the Waterloo Club Partners appear in the photograph.

David Mayo, Philip Lloyd, Bill Croxon, Colin O’Grady ? Basil Carroll, Tony Cooper, Peter O’Ryan, Mike Starns, Mike Sherry, Tom Caldecoat, Cyril LeRoy, John Baggaley, Bob Marshall, ?  ?  Bill Rock, ?

Lorna Howard, Cynthia Yeo, Margaret Caldecoat, Jean Smith, Joyce Sands, Brenda Barrett Harley, Joan Mills, ? Mary Lashmar, Flora Regwell, Jean Seekings, Audrey Walters,  

Veronica Buckenham, Peggy Shortly, Olive Turkentine, Amy Burnell, Eileen Forster, ? E Kitson, Joan Franklin, Pam Woollard, Margaret Curtis, Chris Hebden

Ted Grover, Noel Munns, Harold Diver, Roy Bunting, David Manning, Freddie May, Eddie Charlton, Ken Jordan.