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Teddy Potter, Robert Sayle Funeral Director. With audio memories from Barry Shipp.

Mr Potter ”Teddy” as he was affectionatley known was inverviewed for the Partnership’s house magazine in March 1975.  Part of the interview is transcribed below: ”Teddy Potter was the last remaining Partner at Robert Sayle who could remember Mr A E Chaplin, the formidable director who controlled the fortunes of the shop from Mr Robert Sayle’s death until 1934. Known as ”Chaplin’s boy”, Mr Potter had to show his employer the marking-off book every morning which contained all entries of new goods.  Precisely at 10 am Mr Chaplin entered the building and would march into the wholesale department banging his gold-knobbed walking stick on the desk and shouting ”Potter”.  A man who didn’t waste his money unnecessarily, although in some respects he was a very liberal employer,  Mr Chaplin once said to the young Teddy Potter, ”My boy do you want to know how I made my money?” Mr Potter nodded avidly and Mr Chaplin went on, ”I picked up every pin, saved every bit of string – and use oil from my sardine tins in my lawwnmower”.