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Robert Sayle's Scroll

This Scroll, for many years hung in the office of the Managing Directors of the Robert Sayle Store.  It is a relic of the time when Robert Sayle was in business across the world with the majority of trading in the Far East, mainly Hong Kong and Shanghai.  It was found, rolled up in a Chinese vase in a stockroom of the store, supposedly sent over with other items when Robert Sayle ceased trading in the Far East.  The strangest part of the scroll are the two tigers, either side of the centre of the scroll.  Suggestions have been made that Tiger Balm was produced in Hong Kong to help with chest problems and might have been sold by the Store at some time.  As it was also something which was held in respect and used to help the public, it might have been taken to be a form of good fortune! Tiger Balm is still sold in many chemists in this country and serves the same purpose of giving help to those with some form of chestiness.