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Robert Sayle Partner's penny meal ticket for the staff dining room.

Pam Woollard notes that the meal tickets were bought in the small cash desk in the Dress Department.  Pam said  ”Miss Ward sold them and I alway used to buy enough to last a week as I was rather afraid of her!  This backfired as I usually needed more before the end of the week.
Tickets could be bought in the following denominations I think, a halfpenny, one penny, twopence, one shilling and one shilling and threepence. These were old pennies (240 in the pound!)  Lunch for Juniors was 1/- (one shilling) and for a Senior 1/3 9one shilling and threepence.
Miss Fabian also sold the tickets on occasions.  As now, this saved cash being taken into the Partners’ dining room”.