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Robert Sayle & Co - a total of 579 years with the Company

579 years of service at Robert Sayle


This picture was taken in 1920, just after Robert Sayle had become a Limited Company.  The four Directors decided that they would like to be photographed with the employees who had been with the company for the longest time.  Each man has spent 50 years working there!


Reading from right to left:

Standing:  Mr Turner,  a Commercial Traveller

                  Bill Rayner, a Van Driver

                 J B Rampling, a Director

                  Arthur H Clark, a Director and Manager of the Fashion Department

                  J W Pretty, a Director

                  J Struggles, Manager of Linens Department

Seated:      A Holliday, Head of Wholesale Department

                  D Clark, Forman of the Wholesale Packing

                  G H Doggett, Director and Head of Counting House

                  S Fromont,  Foreman of Despatch

                  H Harvey,  Driver and horse-keeper to Mr Chaplin, head of the firm.