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Waterloo Club Lunch 1972

Alan Bennett worked in the Furnishing Fabrics Department for over 50 years.

Amy Burnell was the Section Manager of Notions in Haberdashery.

Olga Burnham was the Department Manager of Dresses and Gowns including Bridal and Ball gowns. Joan Martin worked as a Fashion Sales Assistant as did Olive Phillips, known as ’Flippy’.  Connected with Ladies Fashion, the Department Manager of the Coat section was Anne Piper.

The Soft Furnishing Workroom was Managed by Tony Cooper.  Another Department Manager was Sid Head.

From 1969 to 1977, Peter Miller was the General Manager of Robert Sayle.  Lewis Smith was also a General Manager of Robert Sayle.

Millinery was Managed by Winifred Ford and Miss K Jelley was Department Manager of Gifts.

The Section manager of the Counting House for some time was Mary Lashmar.

Eve France was the Registrar for Robert Sayle at some time.  Another Registrar at Robert Sayle was Miss Sieveking.

Tony Gilbey was well known for some time in the Security Box.

Coral Gould was the Section Manager of the Display team.

Ted Grover was a popular Service Manager.  Phillip Lloyd was Department Manager of the Carpet Department.

David Manning worked in the Bed Department as Section Manager.

Teddy Potter worked in many areas including being Funeral Director and Deprtment Manager of Soft Furnishings; he was also Contrasts Manager for  while.

Mrs Redgwell was known as Reggie.  One of the Saes Assistants in Haberdashery was Miss Robson.

Miss Taylor worked in Despatch and also sold Chronicle magazines and saving stamps.

A Sales Assistant of the Wool department was Olive Turkentine.

Miss D A Ward, known as Winnie, was a Cashier in the Cash Desk, on the Shop Floor.