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Joyce Badcock and Pam Woollard at a Coffee Morning for Retired Partners from Robert Sayle and those who have been adopted from other branches.

Pam Woollard remembers Miss Ford’s Department  Miss Hull was the Milliner who would steam hats to shape or stretch them and trim them as the Customer wished. At the top of the main staircase, on the right, against the wall there was very elaborate fixture with a good number of shallow drawers in which flowers to wear and headdresses were kept in tissue paper.  There was also a base counter backed in mirror glass where other headdresses and flowers were displayed.  These fixtures were edged in dark, carved wood. At this time, artificial flower were big business for the Millinery Department. I( believe Miss Hull’s first name was Ruby but I can’t be certain.)  

Pam also remembers when, as a window dresser, she and the rest of the team had to change all the window decoration in a very short time when the King died.